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Project in Romania


2 years ago I came out to Transylvania to see a church in a gypsie village on the outskirts of a town called Sigisuara
The plan was to build a 5,500 litre system here on the church grounds, using a hybrid system to grow a variety of plants. The fish will be Rainbow trout sourced locally.suara. Through a contact I was put in touch with these people who were interested in agriculture and growing a lot of their own food on their own premises. They employed local people who didnt have work anywhere else to work in their greenhouses and the food was used in turn in the church and also sold at the markets.

They were interested in Aquaponics as a way to grow fish for sale and use and also to grow some different plants that they can’t currently grow easily (strawberries etc.) and so we drew up the design for an aquaponics system and a budget. I am happy to say that Greenfish has finished this in Romania. The group received funding from a few different sources over the last few months and the project was scheduled this June.

The church has its own well and well house. The well house itself is a 5 x 3.5 meter inside. The well takes up roughly only 1 meter squared leaving rather a lot of floor space which is where we will house the fish tanks. A combination of a 2,000 litre tank they had left over and some 1,000 litre IBC containers will make up the bulk of the system alongside a wooden 600 litre raft bed.


The main challenges here have been adapting designs to the local materials and climate. It would be easy to bring over all the materials and connections here from Ireland but the idea is to build something  that can be replicated locally. This poses many challenges for a variety of reasons; pipes are different diameters, connections that are used because of their cheapness are very expensive here, etc.

The build of the project only took 3 days and the system is now up and running. We will be back out there in August for more training and to see how its getting on. We will try and keep this page updated with photos

Greenfish staff in Romania

Greenfish staff in Romania







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